Create Your Story To Manage Market Complexity

Create Your Story To Manage Market Complexity

Stories eat numbers for breakfast.

This ageing knowledge acts as a double-edged sword for professional investors. How do we get empowered through that?

Connecting pieces of evidence to an investment hypothesis creates a narrative. How to bring the evident substance into a narrating form? Can you create a genuine story that can be plausibly conveyed to colleagues, investors and regulators? Why should we even work on telling an investment story? How to distinguish between leading versus misleading storytelling?

In this course we work with you on integrating validated quantitative and qualitative evidence into a causal sequence that supports an investment hypothesis. Narrating a story based on your sourced evidence makes data, information and knowledge easier to comprehend by your stakeholders. Understanding your investment hypothesis more comprehensively makes it easier for your colleagues to share their critical appraisal with you. It enables your investors to perform plausibility checks on your investment decisions. And it strengthens your compliance-side through “narrative reporting”, an increasingly dominant regulatory requirement. An authentic story is one of the most effective leadership and strategic tools you can use. Make better investment decisions by learning how to utilize it.

Introduction To Successful Storytelling
  • What is a/your story?
  • How does your story connect with your mission and purpose?
  • Principles and Success Factors of Storytelling
  • Methodology of Framing & Story Implementation § Best Practices on how to convert evidence into a narrating investment hypothesis
Narrative Reporting For Investment Hypothesis
  • Best Practices on how to convert evidence into a narrating investment hypothesis


Drafting my story & getting ready to implement
  • Case Studies & Feedback-SessionNarrative Reporting For Investment Hypothesis
  • Participants will introduce their own cases and optimize their approaches by exploring expert’s und peers’ feedback
  • Implementation Planning.
Improve your own framework
  • Designing tailor-made strategy for gaining internal support for conveying your story and implementing it in the management framework.




Nowcasting macroeconomics data with key indicators

Seminar Details

Lecturer: Mag. Dr. Matthias Strolz
Duration: 2 x 3h
Languages: English (also available in German)
Group Size: Online

Learning Goals

Learning Goals: Understand how to form a narrative based on causally integrated evidence that supports your investment hypothesis. Adopt a tool-kit for implementing storytelling into your investment process.

Target Groups
  • Regional Banks
  • Private Banks
  • Foundations
  • (Multi-) Family Offices Leader
  • Manager
  • Department (Marketing)
  • Advisor
  • Managment Consultant