Uncertainty Management & Effective Networking

Uncertainty Management & Effective Networking

How important is it for you to constantly add new clients to your business? You might rely mostly on your loyal ones, which could be insufficient to sustainably develop your company, especially during these times of high uncertainty.

“Networking” as the science behind developing valuable personal and professional relationships with new and existing clients, is at the very base of any professional service, including financial services. The good news is that networking is not a talent we were born with. It’s a skill we can learn. It has rules and principles to be recognized and respected in order to be effective.

In this online workshop you will learn the best proven networking techniques that will help you to build meaningful relationships with new clients and keep them loyal for years. Finally you will be able to participate in high-value coaching sessions where in small groups, you can receive personalized feedback on your personal challenges and eventual obstacles you have encountered, and you want to solve. This is a unique opportunity offered by this program.

The Fundamentals of Effective Networking


  • We first introduce the concept of Networking
  • Networking techniques that really work
  • Obstacles to effective networking
  • How to apply these techniques in the real situations
How to Capture New Clients with Networking

Define your Ideal Target Client “Persona”

  • Understand what could make them interested in your services
  • Where to meet them
  • How to build an initial relationship that builds overtime
Advanced Networking Techniques

Stay one step ahead of your competitors in developing your business

  • How to transform clients into life-long partners
  • How to maintain and nurture relationships overtime
  • How to effectively assure a constant addition of new clients
  • Science-based techniques to improve current clients’ loyalty


Small Groups Coaching Session

3 groups of one hour each during which participants can:

  • Address specific challenges
  • Define their own networking plans
  • Learn from other participants’ experience

Seminar Details

Lecturer: Luca Signoretti, MBA
Duration: 4 x 3h
Languages: English (also available in French and Italian)
Group Size: Online

Learning Goals

Improve your business performances and prospective by using the most advanced networking techniques to acquire new clients and increase the loyalty of your current ones. This will keep your company one step-ahead of the competition.

Target Groups
  • (Multi-) Family Offices
  • Wealth Managers
  • Private Banks
  • Regional Banks
  • Trusts
  • Finance Director
  • Financial Analyst
  • Corporate Treasurer
  • Management Consultant
  • Performance Manager
  • Legal & Tax Advisor