Bespoke Course

Bespoke Courses

Are you looking for something unique to you and your business’s requirements?

Why choose us for a tailored learning experience

Sometimes off the shelf courses differ with the exact needs of the client. 

Bayfield bespoke courses are tailor-made to suit your unique needs and goals, whether you’re an individual looking to expand your skillset or a company looking to train your employees.

Our 25 years in the real estate market and industry expertise allow us to offer meaningful programmes offering our clients access to the latest industry knowledge and trends. 

Bespoke Course Creation Pathway

We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure their requirements are met point by point.  

We follow a four-step process to help us create a training course that will meet or exceed the set requirements: Identity – Determine – Deliver- Prepare

This meticulous service will maintain excellent delivery standards, cover all the touch points highlighted and provide the tools for the end users to start right away.

How can you organise a bespoke course?

Much like organising an In-House training course, it’s good to identify the core requirements of the training in the initial contact. 

We typically set up a call to discuss these needs to allow us to come back to you with options for bespoke training. 

Once we highlight the content to be covered the main part of the process is done, meaning we can move on to the logistics and delivery of the course.

Bespoke courses can be delivered:

  • In person 
  • Ran Virtually via Zoom

If you would like to organise a call to discuss needs or requirements in your organisation, feel free to contact us at the details below to see how we can help you.

Examples of Bespoke Courses

Real Estate Investment Manager – Mid/Senior Analysts

Two Days – Real Estate Analyst & Real Estate Masterclass Courses

Affordable Homes Developer – Junior to Senior Analysts

One & half days – Real Estate Analyst, Real Estate Developer & Real Estate Private Equity Courses

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