An Introduction to
Real Estate

23rd January 11:00am GMT

If you are new to Real Estate this handy information-packed webinar will help you get a handle on what this fascinating industry is all about. You will learn what people mean when they talk about Real Estate, the different types of real estate asset and gain an appreciation for the size and structure of the Global Real Estate industry. Finally, we will help you get to know the professionals involved in creating a real estate market.

Join this webinar if you want to learn about the industry. Or, if you are already working in the industry feel free to join us for the latest stats on what is hot in real estate and who is investing right now.

An Introduction
to Financial Mathematics

20th February 11:00am GMT

Make sure you’re up to speed on the four basic concepts of financial mathematics: Compound Growth, Present Value, NPV and IRR. Simple though they are, these formulae are often assumed knowledge by teachers of cash flow modelling and finance. This webinar goes right back to the very beginning and makes sure you have the tools to grow, discount and value income streams from property.

An Introduction to
Property Valuations

20th March 11:00am GMT

What is the difference between Value, Price and Worth? This is a common question during the APC assessment, the professional qualification for surveyors. Not only will the webinar help you distinguish between the three, it will also show you the basic maths behind valuing a commercial property. We will also show you how to value properties generating less than the market rent and provide a brief guide on the current yields being achieved in the market today.

An Introduction to Real Estate Financial Modelling

17th April 11:00am GMT

This webinar explains the context for financial models, their application, and the history of the practice in both the UK and abroad. It also explains why Real Estate Financial Models can be more complex than modelling the income streams from other asset classes. If you need an entry into the subject this webinar will help you understand the key components of any well-built model. We will explain how Real Estate Financial Models can help us identify both risk and opportunity and ultimately how Financial Models help us make better investment decisions.