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Using DCF for Red Book valuations – A discussion with a Professional Valuer

Date: Wednesday 17th April 2024, 11.00am GMT

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Discounting Cash Flows has traditionally been used by investors rather than valuers until now. In this webinar, we will chat about the subject with a professional valuer.   We will ask about the steps that valuers are taking to adapt their skills to this new technique and whether they feel it is as necessary for their day-to-day job. We will revisit the question of whether they think it should be considered as a choice of method rather than a requirement.

How to construct a Hurdle rate for DCF Appraisals

Date: Wednesday 24th April 2024, 11.00am GMT

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Research has suggested that market practices vary significantly on how hurdle rates are calculated.  In 2017 Professor Colin Lizieri produced for the IPF the paper entitled ‘An investigation of Hurdle Rates in the Real Estate Investment Process’.  The paper focused on the question of how real estate investors make investment acquisition decisions. This research paper examined how a hurdle rate is constructed and the extent to which hurdle rates are used in the marketplace. In our webinar we will revisit this paper and consider the key findings in that paper in the context of today’s markets.

Benefits of Upskilling Employees with MS Excel Modelling Skills, as a Recruitment Expert

Date: Tuesday 14th May 2024, 13:00pm BST

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An Introduction to ESG in Real Estate – Concepts, Drivers and Trends

Date: Wednesday 5th June 2024, 11.00am BST

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Over the last 25 years, there has been an increase in companies measuring and reporting ESG data on Environmental, Social and Governance aspects such as carbon emissions, water consumption, employee relations, assets impact, board diversity and anti-corruption.

On this webinar we will be discussing the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles with the Real Estate sector. We will also review the latest trends and the driving forces behind the industry’s commitment to ESG.

Join us if you would like to understand the fundamental pillars of ESG, gather insights and redefine your perspective on responsible and resilient real estate practices.

Integrating ESG into your Corporate Strategy

Date: Wednesday 12th June 2024, 11.00am BST

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On this webinar we will talk about the dynamic intersection of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles with corporate goals, risk management, stakeholder engagement and long-term value creation.

Join this webinar if you would like to understand ESG consideration into decision-making processes and how to align them with broader business objectives. This webinar is tailored to empower leaders, executives, and professionals alike in navigating the evolving landscape of responsible corporate strategies.

DE&I in Real Estate

Date: Tuesday 18th June 2024, 13:00pm BST

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Regulator implications of ESG practices

Date: Wednesday 19th June 2024, 11.00am BST

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Over the last fifteen years the avalanche of new ESG reporting requirements applicable to real estate has presented a significant challenge. Navigating the evolving ESG regulatory and reporting landscape is complex.

On this webinar we will give an introduction about how regulatory expectations impact ESG disclosure and reporting and we will explore the evolving global landscape of standards and guidelines.

Join this webinar if you like to understand the ever-changing ESG compliance environment.

Introduction to Residential Real Estate

Date: Wednesday 10th July 2024, 11.00am BST

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In this webinar you will learn the essential  real estate concepts including risk and return dynamics, value and cap rates. We will discuss the types of residential properties and the specific property companies that invest in residential real estate. Additionally, we will explore the current market trends and their impact on residential real estate in the UK. Join this webinar if you would like to have a better understanding of residential real estate market.

How to secure practical experience in Real Estate

Date: Tuesday 16th July 2024, 13:00pm BST

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Introduction to Affordable Housing

Date: Wednesday 17th July 2024, 11.00am BST

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Affordable housing has become a hot topic for Wall Street investors, politicians, and the general public. In this introductory webinar, we look at what is affordable housing, and review how investment firms are taking advantage of opportunities in the affordable housing market. Secondly, we will review the differences and similarities of the U.K. and U.S. affordable housing markets. Finally, we analyse current policies and trends in the affordable housing market and discuss potential future developments in this sector.

Introduction to Build To Rent (BTR)

Date: Wednesday 24th July 2024, 11.00am BST

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Build- to- rent involves the construction of purpose- built residential buildings with the intention of renting out the units for the long term, rather than selling the individually. On this webinar, we will introduce the concept of Build-to-rent (BtR) and explore the key features, including design considerations, financial models and management strategies. We will also discuss the benefits of BTR investors, tenants, and communities as well as potential challenges and risk associated with this type of investment.

Crafting a great Analyst CV

Date: Tuesday 17th September 2024, 13:00pm BST

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How market forces impact Funds, REITS and PE shops in Real Estate

Date: Tuesday 19th November 2024, 13:00pm GMT

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