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Bayfield Training are proud to be partners with a number of established educational and professional organisations. Below you will find out some more information of the people and companies that we work with:


We work with many different organisations and memberships across the Real Estate and various other sectors. Clients and members of the following organisations and societies are entitled to a discount on training courses ran publicly with Bayfield. Discounts range from 10-35% off.


If you are interested in redeeming this discount on one of the Bayfield Training courses, please contact the sales team directly – Sales Team

Memberships & Organisations

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The Persianas Group has grown significantly since being founded in 1990 and established a proven capability to initiate, secure, construct, deliver and manage real estate developments across Nigeria. We have particular expertise and a leading profile in the retail sector, notably The Palms shopping malls, and are also active in the residential and commercial real estate development and management sectors.

Combining market insights, entrepreneurial vision and expert administration, Persianas today is a stable, highly profitable business benefiting from a pragmatic operational structure, rigorous financial controls and impeccable corporate governance.

You can find out more on the Persianas here – Persianas

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Diversity Talks Real Estate is an organisation that increase the visibility of under-represented groups in the European built environment industry, with a particular focus on women and ethnic minority professionals. Our speaker platform connects these professionals with speaking opportunities. We also provide female-only training for successful stage presence.


You can find out more on Diversity Talks Real Estate here – DTRE

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The Land Collective is a multi-award-winning commercial awareness and career development platform, that aims to connect more young people from diverse backgrounds with the built environment sector. For a sector that is so prominent in our day to day lives, many young people aren’t aware of the sheer amount of employment and local engagement opportunities available across the sector.


You can find out more on the Land Collective here – The Land Collective

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The British Property Federation (BPF) represents the UK real estate sector, an industry which contributes more than £137.5bn to the economy and supports 2.7 million jobs – that’s one in every 13 jobs in the UK. Our members invest in communities across the UK, providing a wide range of homes, workplaces, health, education, and warehousing facilities, essential for modern life. 

You can find out more on the BPF here – British Property Federation

BPF Futures is the network for all those working in property with less than ten years’ experience.

You can find out more on the BPF Futures here – BPF Futures

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The Amsterdam School of Real Estate (ASRE) is a joint initiative of the Dutch real estate industry organizations, the Dutch national government and the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Project developers, real estate agents, institutional investors, the national government and the UvA joined forces in 1989 to expand and professionalize the expertise in the field of real estate.

We offer postgraduate training for real estate professionals. We train them to make responsible investment decisions with regard to the sustainable design and use of the built environment.

You can find out more on the Amsterdam School of Real Estate here – Amsterdam School of RE

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FMI was founded in 2017, to help promote awareness, excellence and discipline in Financial Modelling through world-class accreditation programs. FMI offer training programmes ranging from beginner to mastery levels in financial modelling. Our Board of Directors, Team Members, and Advisory Council represent the best of the financial modelling community, each possessing distinguished expertise in various financial modelling disciplines.


You can find out more on the Financial Modelling Institute here – FMI

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Chris Igwe is an expert in International Cross Border Retail Advice. Chris has over 25 years’ experience in Cross Border Retail both from within global brands and then as a Consultant to many others. With a wealth of knowledge drawn from working across many countries in support of clients – retailers, owners and investors. His network of contacts and relationships span across the highest levels in the industry. He has a long history of holding leadership roles as a member of top global trade associations, ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) and ULI (Urban Land Institute).


You can find out more on Chris Igwe International here – Chris Igwe International

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UK Build to Rent have over a decade of experience in offering regular content surrounding various aspects of the Build to Rent industry, as well as our weekly News Flash which brings together all the latest BtR news from the past week.

You can enhance your development by exceeding investors ROI expectations while positively contributing to the environment and adding value to the community through the resources offered by UK Build to Rent.


You can find out more on UK Build to Rent here – UK Build to Rent

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Human City is a spatial strategy consultancy that specialises in helping people to take a successful and socially responsible approach to property development and asset management. Drawing on a wealth of expertise across the fields of social science, business intelligence and design thinking, our talented team is here to help you connect the dots.


You can find out more on Human City here – Human City

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The European Sustainable Hospitality Club (ESHClub) is a member-based organization founded in 2019 committed to promoting sustainable practices and positive social impact in the hospitality industry.  The platform empowers hospitality businesses to decouple the provision of services from environmental and social externalities and act as agents of positive change.

You can find more information on the European Sustainabile Hospitality Club here – ESHCLUB

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The Investment Property Forum (IPF) is an individual members organisation for those operating in the UK property investment market. Our strength lies in the diversity of our membership of 2,000 – including investment agents, fund managers, bankers, lawyers, researchers, academics, actuaries and other related professionals.

Our mission is to enhance the understanding and efficiency of property as an investment, including public, private, debt, equity and derivatives, for our members and other interested parties, including government.

You can find out more on the Investment Property Forum here – IPF

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Since 1936, Urban Land Institute (ULI) members have brought their expertise in all aspects of real estate and land use to create and sustain thriving communities.  We are a network of people in every profession and sector in real estate development and land use, from all over the world, in every career stage. The mission of the Urban Land Institute is to shape the future of the built environment for transformative impact in communities worldwide.


You can find out more on the Urban Land Institute here – Urban Land Institute

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Kahr is a US based real estate investment and advisory firm that services clients throughout the world. Since the company’s founding in 2002, we have worked on real estate investment and development projects in a consulting capacity across a wide range of product types including industrial, retail, office, hotel, residential, and mixed-use. Our service lines include financial modelling, capital advisory, feasibility studies, and related services.


You can find out more on the Kahr Real Estate here – Kahr Real Estate

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Space Syntax provides creative expertise in architecture & urban planning. Operating worldwide, we combine global design experience with advanced digital technologies. Our modelling tools forecast the social, economic & environmental impacts of development on mobility, land value & health. We help shape policies, planning strategies & design proposals that benefit people, property & the environment.


You can find out more on the Space Syntax here – Space Syntax

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CACI help clients transform their businesses by bringing together the power of talent, data, and technology. Our curiosity and collaborative approach enable the discovery and exploration of new ideas and opportunities that bring meaningful innovation and real results.

Services include, Business Intelligence, Case Management, Cloud Infrastructure, Customer Marketing Solutions, Cyber Security, Data Management to name but a few.

Industries that we work with: Automotive, Banking, Gaming, Hospitality, Media, Public sector, Policing, Rail & Transport, plus many more.

You can find out more on the CACI here – CACI

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Coniq is the Total Customer Engagement Company for growth minded shopping malls, outlets, and retail brands. Our IQ platform provides a faster and simpler way to generate revenue by understanding, anticipating and engaging customers through unique and personalised experiences in real-time across multiple channels and touchpoints.

Founded in 2011 by Ben Chesser, Coniq is recognized by the industry as the pioneer and leader in helping organizations create business value from data, empowering clients to drastically improve footfall, customer satisfaction and sales.

You can find out more on Coniq here – Coniq

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Revo supports the interests and values of the whole retail, leisure, & placemaking real estate community, and is the forum for its members to network, share experience, provoke thinking and lead the evolution of the built environment. Revo is the only membership body representing both owners, occupiers and professional consultancies in retail and leisure property and places.

We share innovative research and new trends impacting the retail real estate and placemaking industry. We are the go-to organisation for authoritative commentary and insight on industry and political issues. We make sense of the future for our community.


You can find more information on REVO Community here – Revo

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Ipsos Retail Performance. In our world of rapid change, the need for reliable information to make confident decisions has never been greater.

At Ipsos we believe our clients need more than a data supplier, they need a partner who can produce accurate and relevant information and turn it into actionable truth.

Our in-depth analytics will help benchmark your retail portfolio and monitor centre performance, allowing you to optimise store rental based on footfall, advise tenants on store locations and monitor the relationship between visitors and transactions to measure ROI on marketing campaigns.

You can find more information on IPSOS here – IPSOS

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Livewire bring people, property and service together to create an experience. Experience is the source of knowledge and we transform property – whether new, distressed or in a re-launch phase – through hospitality, customer engagement, leadership and development.

We bring global eyes to projects and new concepts, especially in the world of retail and residential (multi-family and build-to-rent) hotels and mixed-use schemes. We serve to help you serve, bringing fresh ideas to your learning and performance, marketing and strategic planning; because there is no ‘one size fits all’.

You can find out more on Livewire Performance here – Livewire Experience

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Panthera Solutions Sarl is an Applied Behavioral Finance specialist, based in the Principality of Monaco. Our Intuitive Behavioral Design ®  solutions empower asset managers and asset owners to significantly, lastingly and measurably improve their investment decision quality. Panthera inclusively facilitates directed change in the customized form of training, coaching, consulting and Behavior-Tech solutions. Our intervention framework, assignments (EUR 125+ billion AuC) and academic publications have proven us to be innovation leaders in Europe. 

You can find more information on Panthera Solutions here – Panthera

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Local Data Company is the UK’s most accurate retail location insight company. We physically track every retail and leisure business across the entire country. Our data powers strategy and decision making for our clients working across retail, leisure, out-of-home media, investment, property and financial services.

LDC have products that include: Retail & Leisure location data, Online Insights Platform and Strategic Consultation & Analysis.

You can find out more on the Local Data Company here – LDC

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The Society of Property Researchers (SPR) is a professional association for property researchers set up in June 1987.  It has over 500 members working in a variety of organisations; from surveying firms to independent research companies, from academics to institutions.


The SPR provides a forum for members to engage with each other, share ideas, make new connections and shape the future of property research.  It organises regular seminars, webinars and events include sector briefings, debates on topical issues, site visits to major developments and social functions.  It awards annual prizes for the best applied research papers that show new insight.  The SPR collaborates with other associations to offer events with a wider appeal.

You can find out more on the Society of Property Researchers here – SPR

Interested in becoming a Bayfield Affiliate?

Interested in becoming a Bayfield Affiliate?

Real Estate Societies

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Imperial College Real Estate Club is a hub where students come to develop skills needed to lead a successful career in the Real Estate sector. We host events in collaboration with high-calibre professionals, granting our fellow students the opportunity to learn and connect with industry leaders.

From speaker events to skill-specific workshops, and aim to collaborate in the development of a countrywide inter-university network to where students and alumni can connect with one another and find opportunities in the industry.

You can find out more about Imperial College Real Estate Club here – ICRE

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King’s Real Estate and Property Society (KREPS) is a fully ratified student society of the King’s College London Student Union (KCLSU).  Our aim is to be an accessible platform for students to learn more about property development, commercial & residential real estate, fund management, architecture, engineering and more. Furthermore, we provide students with opportunities to engage and network with industry professionals from a variety of sectors. We believe that reducing the barriers to entry for students is of utmost importance. Therefore, both our membership and most if not all of our events are free.

You can find out more on the Kings Real Estate Club here – KREPS

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CUREFIS is a society committed to creating opportunities for our members within the real estate industry and foster relationships between students and industry participants for mutual benefit. We hope to connect aspiring professionals with other like-minded students as well as industry veterans, to enable our members to build a strong network in preparation for when they graduate.


You can find out more on the Cambridge Real Estate Finance & Investment Society here – CUREFIS

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Real Estate Club, London Business School provide resources for students interested in all aspects of the real estate industry, from investment to development, and help them develop the skills and knowledge necessary to build careers within the sector.

The club organises networking events throughout the year, as well as hosting their own Real Estate conference. They also organise regular treks to visit leading Real Estate firms in London for the students.


You can find out more on the Real Estate Club, London Business School here – Real Estate Club LBS

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The Royal Agricultural university’s Land and Real Estate Society was founded in 2022 with the aim of connecting students interested in the land and property sector. The society runs social events as well as guest speaker talks and its annual dinners are a highlight in the RAU’s social calendar.

RAU are particularly active on their social channels, so for more information on this please check our their Instagram account here – RAU Insta

You can find more information on the Royal Agricultural University Land and Real Estate Society here – RAU

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Cambridge University Land Society is an informal alumni society which was formed over 50 years ago with two objectives:

  1. to give an opportunity for members to meet each other, to make and renew friendships and to foster amongst them a spirit of good fellowship and co-operation;
  2. to act as a link between members from within and outside the Department of Land Economy of the University, and more recently the Department of Architecture, and to provide opportunities for the exchange of views upon and discussion of matters of interest.

We have more than 1,000 members who bring together a diversity of experience and interests. Some left Cambridge in the 1950s, others graduated last year, and some are current students of the Land Economy Department, and the Department of Architecture.

You can find more information on the Cambridge University Land Society here – CULS

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Founded in 2003 with over 5k members, the Durham University Finance Society facilitates links between the City’s top institutions and Durham’s finest students. We aim to give all students practical methods to engage with finance, support competitive applications, and access top firms across the financial services sector.

The largest student-led organisation at the University of Durham, providing a supportive community and finance related career opportunities for students studying all disciplines.

You can find out more on the Durham University Finance Society here – DUFS here.

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The Warwick Real Estate & Construction Society is the fastest-growing society at the University of Warwick with 285 members and a social network of over 1000 individuals.

Being the only real-estate focused society in Warwick, we are dedicated to providing opportunities for members to gain insights into the real estate industry, develop valuable skills, and understand the intricacies of breaking into such a competitive industry. Having recently been awarded the university’s ‘Most Improved Society 2022-23,’ we look to organise larger-scale events over the following year and establish ourselves as one of the top real estate societies in the UK

You can find more information on the Warwick Real Estate & Construction Society here – WRECS

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Exeter Real Estate Society, known as ExRES, was founded in 2019 with the aim of uniting University of Exeter students with real estate professionals. Whilst the university does not offer any real estate degrees, we represent a growing body of students who share a strong interest in the property industry. As a society, we act as the intermediary between the university and the real estate industry and form a link that would otherwise not exist. Through a multitude of educational talks, networking opportunities and social events, ExRES educates and supports students who are seeking careers in real estate. Perhaps more importantly, we highlight the variety of opportunities available to the wider student community who have not previously considered such careers.

You can find more information on Exeter Real Estate Society here – EXRES

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Bristol Real Estate Society (BRES) offers students at the University of Bristol a community to explore their passion for Real Estate and meet likeminded individuals. Through hosting skills workshops, guest speakers, and networking events, we provide our members with a broad exposure to the industry with the aim of better equipping them with the knowledge and connections necessary to realise their career ambitions.

You can find more information on the Bristol Real Estate Society here – BRES

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Lancaster University Investment & Finance Society (LUIFS) aims to enhance links within the financial sector and provide our members with a strong foundation necessary to begin a successful career in the city.

We are the largest society in the Lancaster University Management School and one of the largest societies on campus at Lancaster University with over 400 members. Our society provides events, workshops and exclusive competitions hosted by leading members within our society, as well as our initiatives that aim to give our members tailored understanding and exposure to specific divisions of finance. Our extensive alumni have gone on to work for the likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Jefferies, Citi, Deutsche Bank and many more.

You can find more information on Lancaster University Investment & Finance Society here – LUIFS

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