Excel Fundamentals

On this course, you will learn how to set up, navigate and effectively use Excel spreadsheets. This course is recommended for professionals from all backgrounds and sectors who wish to obtain an understanding of Excel from the very beginning.


This course is designed to introduce the basics of Excel. It will acquaint students with multiple Excel shortcuts to allow them to learn or enhance the Excel skills necessary to their jobs. The training is delivered on-demand in a Online learning platform, allowing delegates to take the four modules that the course is broken down into in their own time.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Navigate through the Excel interface
  • Write simple formulas and perform statistical functions in Excel
  • Efficiently use keyboard shortcuts
  • Formation and modifying worksheet
  • Navigate and clean large datasets
  • Save, share, protect and print workbooks

Course Outline

Module One: Exploring the basic use of Excel

  • Using Quick Access Toolbar and ribbon menu
  • Introduction to workbooks and worksheets
  • How to enter and edit data
  • Use AutoFill
  • Frequently used shortcuts keys

Module Two: Formatting and modifying worksheets

  • Introduction to font styles and effects
  • How to adjust row heights and column widths
  • How to insert, delete, hide and unhide rows and columns
  • Working with large data sets

Module Three: Using simple formulas and functions

  • How to create a formula
  • How to use functions in Excel
  • Function Library
  • Introduction to auditing formulas

Module Four: Save, share and print workbooks

  • How to save a workbook in your device
  • Protect and share your workbooks
  • Print your worksheets

Course Details

Price: £100 + VAT
Time to complete: 4 – 6 Hours
Delivery: Online
Student Discount: Available on request
CPD Hours: 6 Hours