Inspirational Customer Service for top tier Shopping Malls

Our collection of Hospitality focused courses, in conjunction with Livewire Performance

Our bespoke courses include best in class hospitality, leadership, resilience, team building and communications to name a few; but they are all bespoke to our clients needs, so your vision and your goals are designed into the process in order to meet your objectives. The sessions are experiential, with thought provoking games and exercises that put your teams in the shoes of the customer and colleague, to enable a perspective that enhances awareness and improves greatly on service, experience and revenues. We are ideally brought in front end as you never want to rehearse your services on a live audience. Let us challenge your design and customer service standards, or create them with you, because together we can craft a remarkable experience for you, your customer, client, guest and employee.

We partnered with Livewire Performance; a global learning and development company with award winning trainers and consultants; who partner with clients by tailoring a service that beats expectations, taking them from the expected, to the desired through to unbelievable service and experience. Their cultural and service approach compliments our own.

OR…you can use whats on our website….see below…or blend both- up to you!

Course’s Length – Half day (4 Hours)
Target Audience – All customer-facing teams including: management and third party partners (security, housekeeping, car-park and valet etc.)
Course Delivery – We deliver this course In-House to you and your team, no mater where you are

Course Outline

Level One

Level One – The Expected Behaviour

We explore what we mean by ‘Customer Service Excellence’ and highlight the attitudes and behaviours, which need to be adopted and demonstrated by your customer service teams, whatever role they perform. With a welcome, engage and surprise ethos, we take your teams to the next level using your vision, standards, values and guiding principles. We craft the course with your aspirations in mind.

Delegates attending this course are empowered to take ownership, responsibility and pride in the workplace and with customer and colleague interactions. The course content has been carefully designed to meet the business needs of shopping centre teams specifically.

Pre-Course Work Think about their own customer experience and make a mental note of what makes them feel elated or deflated when they are the customer

  • Identifying customer service excellence
  • Vision – making a statement!
  • Impacts on renewals
  • Conflict and communications – what’s your style?
  • Where are we now, where do we want to be, and how do we get there?
  • Identifying your customers

Level Two

Level Two – The Desired Behaviour

This module addresses the customer journey and their emotional and rational needs when choosing where to spend time, eat and purchase goods. Customer service excellence is easy when all is going well, however delivering great service – above and beyond, to difficult customers is more challenging. Handling a negative situation effectively can create more customer loyalty than if everything had gone smoothly. Communicating honestly and consistently with your customer creates a great rapport, and they in turn, they become your advocates.

We develop and empower delegates by raising their levels of consciousness, and equipping them with skills that allow them to engage with people professionally and resolve issues while keeping the brand intact.

Pre-Course Work All attendees to share an example of how they delivered excellent customer service and exceeded expectation

  • Plotting the customer journey
  • Re-capping your vision – why you are in business
  • Customer Service Standards – magnetize your appeal!
  • Emotional and rational needs
  • Deal effectively with customers by adopting LEARN
  • 13 Clues!
  • SOS
  • Perception rules!

Level Three

Level Three – The Remarkable Behaviour

We explore your Mission Statement and how that will achieve your ultimate vision. We will break down the DNA of your teams to discover your values and how they directly feed into your Customer Service Standards.

We give delegates the opportunity to see the shopping centre through another lens, that of the owner, shopper and the colleague. Service recovery depends on your ability to see your property and experience through the eyes of others. Delegates’ mystery shop their property to highlight the sweet and sour spots that need addressing or celebrating. To achieve level 4 they must master this skill.

Pre-Course Work Collect customer service related workplace stories – the good, the bad and the ugly!

  • The big question
  • Mission – how you’re going to get there
  • Living your values
  • Customer service means?
  • Superhero service!
  • Email etiquette
  • Apples and lemons

Level Four

Level Four – Unbelievable Behaviour

The module looks at high level strategies, such as experiential lifestyles, workplace as an experience, and how employee engagement directly affects customer service. Learning lessons from those in different sectors is key as skills are transferrable.

We share information around millennials and centennials that will eventually choose to work or shop with you. Understanding their expectations will keep you one step ahead and beat off the competition.

We focus on communication and property knowledge, testing property, services and retailer USP’s. What are the deals of the day, who sells what, where should families eat and what’s on at the cinema etc?

By completing the programme the delegates will have an extensive tool-kit to align your vision, mission, values and customer service standards to provide an experiential shopping experience to be proud of.

Pre-Course Work Collect your vision, mission, values and customer service standards for your own review purposes

  • Communications at play
  • Listen with Lego
  • 5 Alive
  • Hot Shots and critical thinking
  • Workplace experience
  • Huddles and line-ups

Livewire Performance, bring people and property together for an experience. Experience is the source of knowledge and we transform companies, whether new, distressed or in a re-launch phase; through hospitality, leadership, consultancy and development. We create advocates from within your own superstar teams and also your customers, who then become more than raving fans!

Experience is everything; customers want to spend their hard earned money in an environment where they are made to feel special and valued. Shopping centres are the ‘3rd place’ to be and so experience is everything and how you create that environment depends on your customer service.

We bring global eyes to projects and new concepts, especially in the world of retail and leisure, office block, multi family housing industry, hotels and mixed-use schemes. We serve to help you serve, bringing fresh ideas to your learning and development, marketing and strategic planning; because there is no ‘one size fits all’.

Your brand is in your teams’ hands, so helping them to understand, live and breathe it, is one of our aims. We work with your customer in mind, testing your brand and service and see for ourselves if what you espouse to be true, is actually true… from there we creatively design and deliver bespoke services.

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