Customised Learning Programmes

Customised Learning Programmes

We are experts in developing meaningful professional development pathways within organisations and we create programmes that align our learning strategy with your corporate strategy.

Learning in the workplace

The most effective learning strategies are planned with the flexibility to respond to the changing needs of the business. 

Creating adaptable training plans for your employees can be challenging. Bayfield work collaboratively with the Learning & Development, HR Business Partners and Real Estate Finance departments to pinpoint the precise needs of the organisation to fulfil their training requirements. Our understanding of the sector will make this plan simple and easy to follow.

What is a Customised Learning Programme?

A tailored training approach to create unique learning experiences to meet the specific needs of your organisation. 

Equipping teams with the relevant tools will benefit your employee’s retention as well as having a positive impact on revenue and corporate growth. 

We teach staff from graduates’ level to senior management positions:

How does it work?

Much like our bespoke courses, we break the creation of the programmes down into four steps:

  • Identify/ Determine/ Prepare/ Deliver/ Feedback

Common questions that we get when organisations are looking for learning programmes:

  • Can we create bespoke training within the programme?
  • How many people can we train at any given time?
  • Will the training be suitable for new graduate intakes? 
  • Should we need to re-train existing staff?
  • What timescale are we looking to deliver to the programme?
  • When can the courses begin?

Who do we work with

Some of the department that benefits from these programmes are the capital markets and valuation teams in commercial real estate organisations. 

When it comes to the people within these organisations, their roles can vary depending on the company, however, we do have experience in creating programmes for:

  • Graduate Analyst/ Surveyors
  • Real Estate Analyst/ Associates 
  • Senior Analysts/ Associates

If you would like to organise a call to discuss needs or requirements in your organisation, feel free to contact us at the details below to see how we can help you.

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