African Real Estate Development School

These five modules are designed to give Real Estate professionals a full understanding of real estate development process combined with the technical skills of building a Real estate Financial modelling in Excel. By the end of the five modules, you will have the strategy and technical skills to be able to critically assess and defend a Real Estate Development project.

On this course you will:

  • Learn about the overall size and structure of the Real Estate Market: UK, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa
  • Learn and analyse the links between the different parts of the property market
  • Learn the real estate process from site selection through to completion: risk management, finance, legal regulatory, bureaucratic, and practical aspects of the development process
  • Learn how to model and analyse development projects using Excel
  • Learn how to interrogate the different metrics such as profit-equity multiples, profit on cost, net present value and internal rate of return.

People who would benefit from the course:

  • Experienced or recent graduates interested in entering the field of Real Estate
  • Professionals outside the field (e.g. Lawyers, Lenders, Recruitment Professionals, customer service employees etc.) who regularly work with property companies
  • New employees in large team expansions who need to work together, following a shared vision, and hit the ground running.
  • Graduate students looking to work in corporate real estate development.
  • Portfolio managers who would like to understand and manage their company’s exposure to risk in mega projects.
  • Lenders and investment partners who would like a better understanding of how their money is used and the risks involved.
  • Analyst and modellers who would like to improve their understanding of project variables and quantify risk.
  • Managers who would like to communicate more effectively with investors and owners during the formation phases of development.
  • Real Estate professionals at any level with exposure to real estate financial models on a frequent basis
  • Developers and Surveyors
  • Fund managers and Asset managers
  • Land managers and Planning managers.
  • Lender

Module Information

An Introduction to Real Estate

Understand the real estate sector, its characteristics, and its importance to the general economy.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn what Real Estate is  and why it is different from other asset classes
  • Get to grips with the overall size and structure of the Real Estate Market
  • Learn and analyse the links between the different parts of the property market
  • Recognise how and when to use basic real estate concepts
  • Understand how current affairs, politics and economics affects Real Estate Investment and development.

Commercial Real Estate Development I

The economics of property development: Why do we build real estate?

Learning outcomes

  • Learn where development sits within the Real Estate Market
  • Learn what constitutes Development physically and economically
  • Learn insight into the principles of design for different types of project
  • Learn how to put together a feasibility study and prepare a financial plan
  • Gain an insight into the Development Process at a Macro & Micro level.

Commercial Real Estate Development II

The real estate development process- who builds real estate? and how is real estate built?

Learning outcomes

  • Benchmark returns and understand the risks throughout the life of the project
  • Learn how to mitigate risks
  • An understanding of the team dynamics, their inputs and agenda’s
  • Learn research techniques that support each stage in the development process
  • Negotiate with your peers to problem solve a project crisis.

Real Estate Development I: Financial Modelling in Excel

Property Development Appraisals

Learning outcomes

  • This course will show delegates how to appraise projects in Excel, incorporate and communicate updates as they happen and ultimately understand how to convert an opportunistic property investment into a core asset that can be sold on
  • Learn how to calculate land and profit residuals
  • Employ best practice and find solutions to common modelling problems.

Real Estate Development II: Financial Modelling in Excel

Modelling skills for development cash flows

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to structure a full development cash flow
  • Phased sales, S-curve and straight-line cost functions
  • You will be taught how to find maximum bidding prices for site development and building refurbishments
  • Understanding development financing considerations and learn how to optimise financing
  • Analyse financial and project completion risks
  • Employ best practice and find solutions to common modelling problems

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Course Details

Duration: Five weeks
Course type: Strategy and Financial Modelling
Course level:
CPD hours: 21

Training package options:

• Whole school
• Module 1,2 & 3
• Module 1,4 & 5


 Five Modules – one per week

Module 1: An Introduction to Real Estate
Date: 17th June 2021

Module 2: Commercial Real Estate Development I
Date: 24th June 2021

Module 3: Commercial Real Estate Development II
Date: 1st July 2021

Module 4: Real Estate Development I
Date: 8th July 2021

Module 5: Real Estate Development II
Date: 15th July 2021

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