Corporate Modelling Valuations

Corporate Valuation Models in Excel

Anyone concerned with the success of a business needs to understand its financial accounts. Further, anyone involved with financing, buying or selling a company needs to understand the financial basis of the transaction. Learning how a company is valued will allow you to trace the drivers of performance, and sources of constraint, back through the company’s financial structure. What better way to understand this than by building a Corporate Valuation, in Excel, from scratch.

Using the Bayfield technique of modular, systematic and guided model building this course will give you a no-nonsense insight into the financial health of any company. It will also provide the financial modelling know-how to help you build your skills as an Analyst. Last, but not least, the skills learnt on this course will equip you to negotiate any corporate finance transaction from a position of strength.

On this course you will..

  • Learn the motivations for preparing a Corporate Valuation (the course discusses all motivations but will focus on business planning)
  • Understand the different techniques Analysts use to assess value from a completed model
  • Discuss the relevance and importance of the three statements in a Corporate Valuation
  • Set up the structure for a Corporate Valuation Model in Excel
  • Build in the Corporate Valuation formula for each of the three statements line by line
  • Determine the value of the company
  • Trace and Analyse the model for sources of opportunity and risk
  • Review your model in the context of current corporate finance activity

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Anyone working at the Analyst or Associate level within the institutions or investment banking.
  • Those involved in the strategic or financial planning of a business
  • Business Owners or Project managers who need financial modelling skills
  • Audit Professionals and Legal Representatives
  • Real Estate Analysts who want to know how projects are recorded in corporate valuations

The course assumes some knowledge of accounting principles. Everything required is covered. However, the trainer will devote as much time as possible to Excel based exercises and will proceed quickly over the initial concepts. For those who do not have any accounting knowledge we provide a primer prior to the course. This is approximately a 15-minute read plus two 15-minute exercises with further reading suggested if required.

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Price: £1,950 + VAT
Number of days: Two days
Course type: Financial Modelling
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Pre-requisite: None

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