Experts Speak Out

Throughout a strong and successful 20 years in business, we have created a community of Real Estate Experts that have all individually contributed to the delivery of our courses, implementing their unique skills.

“We like to believe that we are creating a community of course contributors”.

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of this new area of our website. This space will be home to interviews given by Real Estate Experts.

At Bayfield we wanted to formally introduce our portfolio of professionals, and provide the chance to get know more about their personal stories and career development journeys.

This section is dedicated to their views on the real estate market and the impact of a multitude of factors such as technology, sustainability, urban layouts, shopping centres, online retail and market predictions.

So, browse the new feature and discover new insights into real estate from key professionals in the industry.


The Experts

“I felt there was a gap in the market for a retail property course that was truly Investment focused.”

Natalie Bayfield

Chairwoman, Bayfield Training
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“I do believe that Sub Saharan Africa will become the next great frontier from traditional retailing point of view”

Chris Igwe

Entrepreneur, Visionary, Retail Advisor and Thought Leader
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“While basic offers and store designs have not changed that dramatically, the sector is going through a major disruptive change due to the internet and digital technology”

Clive Woodger

Chairman, SCG International
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“Larger shopping centres will continue to concentrate on ‘place making’, taking on all the characteristics of a town centre as a ‘one-stop life style’ venue catering for everyone’s needs”

Anthony Banfield

Banfield Real Estate Solutions Ltd
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“For me the development of the shopping centre industry is something I have lived through and it has been a remarkable journey of increasing sophistication and focus on the changing consumer.”

Leigh Sparks

Professor of Retail Studies at the University of Stirling
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“With a more diverse mix shopping centres are seeing increased footfall and tenant demand, due to them meeting the needs of several customer journeys.”

Ronald Nyakairu

Analyst at Local Data Company
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“The retail sector in Sub-Saharan Africa and in Nigeria is incredibly dynamic – demographic and economic factors mean that it has a great deal of potential.”

Lanre Fatimilehin

Chief Operating Officer at ARIA Africa Real Estate Investment & Asset Management
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“Shopping centres now need to engage with their retailers and restaurants, offer more flexible leases and work together to market and attract customers to their centres. Not all do – all should!”

Tony Longstaff

Director at Marketing Analytix
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“Over the last couple of years, retailers in the sustainability programme were reducing their use of energy and water, and improving their recycling and reusing.”

Carol Wakelin

Environmental Manager at Queensgate Shopping Centre
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“Providing remarkable service that goes beyond consistently, helps to gain traction and loyalty”

Audra Lamoon

Managing Director, Livewire Performance Consultants Ltd

“By far the most interesting topic for me, which I focus on, is how technology is changing the way we all ‘work, rest and play’, and how in turn that impacts on all aspects of the built environment”

Antony Slumbers

Digital Transformation Strategist

“We are very excited to work with Bayfield because, like at Ipsos, it’s a knowledge-based approach to helping clients gain a competitive edge”

Peter Luff

President, Ipsos Retail Performance

“It’s great to bring the technology and real estate industries together as well, because it’s that diverse dynamic which will be needed to deliver future shopping spaces”

Mark Faithfull

Editor, Retail Property Analyst

“As the sector changes and the respective job roles, the skillsets required to proactively manage that change is also imperative. Through the products we are jointly creating, I feel we have started that journey in addressing the skills need”

Davinder Jhamat

Head of Research and Education, Revo

“It’s important to be reminded what a truly incredible environment shopping centres are – and what they can mean to people”

Joseph Leftwich

Director, Retail Management Consultants

“I needed a career in a fast-moving sector with an innovative company. I found that the retail sector offers exactly that- variety, constant change, and challenges that we can work towards solving with the client”

Nelia Vateva

Senior Relationship Manager, The Local Data Company