Hiring Shopping Centre Operational Teams

In today’s ultra-competitive retail market, customers and retail tenants alike expect and demand a shopping destination that’s cared for, continuously improved and developed to create a memorable guest and shopping experience. To achieve success, Shopping Centres require highly skilled and experienced teams to deliver world class standards of operational excellence and great service to everyone who walks through the door. Through relentless attention to detail, the best Operational teams help to deliver the promises of your Centre brand.

On this 1 Day inter-active workshop course you will…

  • Gain a solid understanding of industry best-practice in terms of job roles and responsibilities
  • Learn how to identify and attract the best Operations talent on the market
  • Get expert advice on effective interview techniques to hire the right person for the right role
  • You will also learn how to build a motivated and focused Operations team, and how to engage with them and create an effective succession plan to future-proof your business

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Human Resources Managers
  • Shopping Centre Developers
  • Business Recovery and Change Management Teams
  • Shopping Centre Asset Managers
  • Shopping Centre Managers
  • Real Estate Consultancies
  • Shopping Centre Launch Teams

Course Outline

Who will you need to run a successful Shopping Centre?

  • Centre Management Team structures & Organisational chart
  • Team structures within Small / Medium / large Centres & Mainstream Mall Vs Specialist Outlet
  • Role profiles & Job Descriptions
  • Key duties & responsibilities
  • In-house employment versus outsourcing via 3rd party contracts

How to find & hire this talent

  • Identifying target organisations / market sectors
  • Mapping candidate pools
  • Recruitment advertising strategies
  • Utilising external Recruitment Agency resources
  • Shortlisting & Selection process
  • Effective interviewing techniques

How to keep them

  • Articulating business culture & vision
  • Successful on-boarding strategies
  • Ongoing training & development
  • Appraisal & Reviews
  • Personal Development plans
  • Effective succession planning

Facilitator: James Logie

Following an early career as a journalist / trainee producer with the BBC, James held a variety of retail operations and senior development roles in high-street retailing, culminating in his appointment as Head of Marketing and Advertising for Wrygges and the Goldberg retail group.

James has wide-ranging experience in executive, senior, and board-level appointments, and developed RMC’s specialist recruitment services division for the international Shopping Centre and Outlet Centre sectors.

More recently, James has assumed a pivotal role in facilitating the expansion of ambitious retail brands into new and emerging markets by brokering joint venture, franchise and licensing partnerships.

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Course Details

Number of days: One day
Course type: Strategy
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