Introduction to Real Estate in Excel

A real estate financial model is the abstract representation of an investment scenario. Building a Real Estate Financial Model requires theory, maths and excel.

This one day course has been developed to teach essential real estate financial modelling theory, functions and formulas to individuals working in the real estate sector. The training aims to give delegates a grasp of MS Excel and its usage in real estate cash flow modelling. You will be able to set up a financial modelling cash flow from a blank spreadsheet by using the most common shortcuts, formulas and functions. We will also cover the use of pivot tables to clean and organise your data.

This is an excellent starter/refresher course, whether you’re a recent graduate or a mid/senior professional.

On this course, you will…

  • Learn spreadsheet modelling best practice
  • Look over excel tips for general day to day use in MS Excel
  • Recognise spreadsheet navigation and presentation tricks
  • Understand financial mathematics & conventional valuations
  • Identify real estate cash flow model single-let common functions and formulas
  • Inspect Pivot tables, V-look ups and many other topics

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Graduate Real Estate professionals
  • Real Estate professionals at any level with exposure to real estate financial models on a frequent basis
  • APC candidates
  • Mid-Senior professionals looking for a refresher on core model building skills and best practice
  • Any professionals looking to learn how to build a real estate focused model from scratch.

Course Outline

Spreadsheet modelling best practice
  • Modelling Life Cycle
  • Types of Model
  • Modelling Timescale
Financial mathematics
  • Introduction
  • Compound Growth
  • Present Values
  • Net Present Value
  • Internal Rate of Return
Conventional valuations
  • Introduction
  • Term & Reversion
  • Layer Method
  • Over Rented
  • Equivalent Yield
Real Estate cash flow models (Single-Let)
  • Introduction – Understand UK Leases
  • Annual Discounted Cash Flows
    • “What If” Analysis
  • Quarterly Discounted Cash Flow
  • Cash Flows with Rent Review
  • Multiple Rent Reviews
  • Pivot tables, V-Lookups, Data Tables and More…

Additional topics:

  • IF & SUMIF
  • Sensitivity Analysis: Data Table & Changing Calculation Options
  • V-Lookups
  • Pivot Tables

Other Excel tips and tricks, including navigation and presentation:

  • Functions and formulas included: General formatting, data entry, manipulation and creating formulas, Copy/Paste and general navigation with shortcuts, Solver (used to calculate equivalent yield), Scenarios, Customise spreadsheet, Navigation Shortcuts, SUM, TODAY, PV, IRR, EDATE, EOMONTH, DAY, MONTH, YEAR, NPV, YEARFRAC

Post-Course Support

We complement all our financial modelling courses with two months’ learning support, to make sure you will fully benefit from our training.

How does it work?
You can contact us at any time and one of our experts will come back to you within two working days. The expert’s time is limited to 10 minutes per inquiry on questions related to the course material only.

Course Details

Pricing – Public Course

In-Person: £600 +VAT
Virtual: £500 +VAT
Upcoming Dates – Public Course Dates

Number of days: One day
Course type: Financial Modelling
Course level:
Pre-requisite: None

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