We are delighted to launch our second series of interviews with our retail property course contributors.

You will find out their personal stories, their views on shopping centre marketing, technology and e-commerce impact, their predictions for the future of retail and experiences from different countries in the world. Visit our blog and social media to get the best insights on shopping centres from the experts in the field. If you want to go one better why not meet them on our next Introduction to Shopping Centre Investment course in October?

“Providing remarkable service that goes beyond consistently, helps to gain traction and loyalty”

Audra Lamoon

Managing Director, Livewire Performance Consultants Ltd

“By far the most interesting topic for me, which I focus on, is how technology is changing the way we all ‘work, rest and play’, and how in turn that impacts on all aspects of the built environment”

Antony Slumbers

Digital Transformation Strategist

“We are very excited to work with Bayfield because, like at Ipsos, it’s a knowledge based approach to helping clients gain a competitive edge”

Peter Luff

President, Ipsos Retail Performance

“It’s great to bring the technology and real estate industries together as well, because it’s that diverse dynamic which will be needed to deliver future shopping spaces”

Mark Faithfull

Editor, Retail Property Analyst

“As the sector changes and the respective job roles, the skillsets required to proactively manage that change is also imperative. Through the products we are jointly creating, I feel we have started that journey in addressing the skills need”

Davinder Jhamat

Head of Research and Education, Revo

“It’s important to be reminded what a truly incredible environment shopping centres are – and what they can mean to people”

Joseph Leftwich

Director, Retail Management Consultants

“I needed a career in a fast-moving sector with an innovative company. I found that the retail sector offers exactly that- variety, constant change and challenges that we can work towards solving with the client”

Nelia Vateva

Senior Relationship Manager, The Local Data Company