Spatial Layout and Retail Performance

Spatial Layout and Retail Performance

How do we design space to influence footfall and customer experience?

This course reviews effective space design for shopping centres and the urban centres within which they exist. Uniquely the course considers the interactions between the two, micro and macro, spatial contexts.

Shopping & Place

At the urban scale, we demonstrate how to measure ‘location value’.

We assess the potential for attracting trade at any given location in terms of accessibility, catchment population and other attractions within the vicinity. We use case studies to explain site appraisals and subsequent layout design strategies in different locations.

Spatial Layout & Shopping

At the micro level, we show how to assess the spatial layout design in terms of optimising footfall, legibility and convenience, which in turn affect sales, rental value and customer satisfaction.

At the end of the course you will gain greater appreciation of the spatial context of retail environments: why some appear to convert easily and why others struggle to attract footfall.

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Shopping centre developers creating or redesigning space
  • Shopping centre owners and investors looking to optimise the conversion potential of their built assets
  • Lenders who wish to understand the medium to longer term viability of a centre
  • City centre planners considering the impact of retail applications and or zoning
  • Retail property consultants advising any of the above

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