Virtual Real Estate Model Coaching

Fine-tuning models for the Real Estate Industry

What we offer

A two-hour virtual session with a Real Estate Financial Modelling expert. Screenshare your model and make this time worthwhile.

  • Develop your financial modelling skills and confidence in modelling, using your own case study.
  • We can give you the confidence to understand active models in your workplace.
  • Our experts will coach you through the model, discuss, review and improve its look and flexibility.
  • By the end of the two hours, you will have a better understanding of your model and new skills to implement.

How it works

  • Learning objectives are identified and sent through.
  • 10 min phone/video call with our coach before you book your session.
  • We practice integrity. We will have an honest chat about the areas that can be covered within a two hours session.
  • If you are happy with the above, let us know convenient times and dates to book your coaching session.
  • We will use Zoom/Teams to deliver the session
  • We can run as many two-hour sessions as you need. Typically we organise 1-3 sessions per client, but more can be organised if required.

Top Tip

Coaching often works well after taking our real estate financial modelling courses:

  • Training Course – Learning how to build and manipulate a real estate cash flow model
  • Virtual Model Coaching – Providing the tools to build confidence in transitioning the skills taught in the training into your organisational practices.

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