Visualisation Techniques for Real Estate Models

Learn how to visualise your real estate investment model in Excel. Visualisations help your proposal stand out, but they can also help you find insights otherwise obscured by sheets of data. This unique course will show you how to effectively communicate Real Estate return metrics with the appropriate images, visual quantities, charts and graphics. You will also learn how to audit yours and others’ cash flow models using visual analytical techniques, all of which can be achieved to a sophisticated degree within Excel.  From dynamic dashboards to advanced manipulation of lease data, this course will help delegates create powerful yet meaningful charts for their investment presentations.

On this course you will

  • Understand the power and limits of visualisations
  • Learn which visualisations are appropriate to which situations
  • Learn advanced charting tools and work arounds to build the visualisations you need
  • Build dynamic dashboards to help you explore your data
  • Learn techniques to visually interrogate your cash flows for actionable insights
  • Create ‘board ready’ presentations from your financial model
  • Use maps, images and infographics to tell a story

Who is this course for?

  • Real Estate Analysts
  • Financial Model, Project and Deal Auditors
  • Real Estate Consultants
  • Investors who wish to extract meaning from cash flow models
  • Agents expressing deal information in an appealing way
  • Lenders analysing risk in cash flow models
  • Fund Managers looking for actionable insights in their models
  • Researchers looking for new ways to present their data
Communicating Quantities
  • Leveraging the power of the eyes and the brain
  • Graphical perception or the science behind choosing the right graph
  • Characteristics of effective graphical displays
  • Data Visualisation technologies
  • Data Relationships: Linear vs Non-Linear
  • Types of Data Sets: Static vs. Dynamic
Visualisation of Real Estate Cash Flows

Lease Data:

– Property Details, Lease Details and Asset Management Data
– Units, Limits, Input Ranges and Validations
– Working with names, tables and filters
– Cleaning Data and Error Checking

  • Summary Statistics for Tenancy Schedules
  • Standard Chart Tools
    – Advanced formatting of Line Pie and Bar Charts
    – Scatter and Bubble Charts
  • Summary Statistics for Return metrics
Advanced Data Manipulation and Charts
  • Pivot Tables
    – Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
    – Slicers and Dashboards
    – Conditionally Formatted Charts
  • Specialist Charts and Techniques
    – CFS Windows
    – Leasing Bars
    – Icons and Metaphors
    – Time Lines and Cycle Charts
    – Expressing Relationships
    – Sparklines
    – Retail Quilts
    – Distribution Waterfalls
Adding Context and telling a Story
  • Adding dynamic, and context sensitive, images
  • Locating Property Portfolios on a map
  • Using Infographics to explain a cash flow model
  • Using add-ins and other programs to enhance your presentation

Course Details

Number of days: Two days
Course type: Financial Modelling
Course level:
Pre-requisite: Real Estate Analyst

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