This prime shopping and leisure destination centre in Switzerland is opening its doors to the public today.

We thought we would share some key shopping centre facts on this historic day.

The Developer

The Mall has been developed by FREO Group an independent international investor, developer and manager of high quality real estate. FREO has been involved in project such us One Goetheplaza in Frankfurt, Coeur Défense and Paris, East Side Mall, Berlin.

The Mall of Switzerland project started in 2014 in Ebikon a tourist region of Lucerne. The shopping centre is strategically located with great transport accessibility. It has its own railway station and bus stop, a motorway access road leading straight to the multi-level car park as well as a large bicycle parking area.

The Catchment

The catchment area for a 15 minutes isochrone covers 241,000 inhabitants whereas the 60 minutes isochrone catch an area of 3.3 million of inhabitant. The latter isochrones include Zurich, Basel and Bern.

The Mall

The Mall offers a total Gross Leasable Area of 650,00 sq. ft., distributed as follows: 46,000 sq. ft. of retail, 14,000 sq. ft. of leisure space and 5,000 sq. ft. of food and beverage. This area consists of 150 shops, a wide range of restaurants with a well-proportioned range of leisure and sport facilities.

Architekturfilm Mall of Switzerland (no subtitle) from Mall of Switzerland on Vimeo.

The impressive architecture, the jumping facades unique through Switzerland and the local retail mix keep the Swiss brand embedded in the experience. La Strada is a boulevard of selected international and Swiss brands located in the heart of the Mall. Some international brands coming to the Swiss market are; Original Penguin, Lee and Mustang. The Attic of the shopping centre features as an open food court where visitors can experience a wide range of food and beverage choices. Another interesting feature is the leisure building, were visitors will be intrigued by the indoor surfing wave unique in Europe, a fitness and health club and the largest IMAX cinema screen in the entire country.

The square is the centre piece of the mall. It is a connecting point perfect for events and meeting with friends and family.

Over 75% Let

“The Mall of Switzerland will bring various star-ups and will offer to any retailer temporary space to test the market which will enhance the visitors’ shopping experience” says the centre manager Jan Wengeler

The mall is already 75% let. Among international retailers you will be able to find H&M, Mango, Calzedonia, Bershka, Flying Tiger Copenhagen and Footlocker.

By: Sonia Martin Gutierrez, CEO at Bayfield Training

We will be following the opening ceremony today and updating throughout.

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