ronal nyakairu presentation on Shopping Centre Course

Shopping Centre Course

Theme: A Changing Paradigm

Making money from Shopping Centres in 2016 and beyond requires a profound change of mind-set to stay ahead of the curve. As our expert speakers explained, many ideas and innovations have been around for a long time. However only recently has the consumer become sufficiently confident shopping in the modern omni-channel environment, become comfortable interacting with their surroundings using their phones and yet further now acutely aware and excited about new shopping experiences. Therefore, only the right implementation of management, technology and focus on this complex asset will mark out the successful shopping centre assets.


As always the course was thought provoking and dynamic. Expert contributions and lively discussions were generated from Clive Woodger, Lawrence Chadwick, Ronal Nyakairu, Natalie Bayfield, Leigh Sparks, Chris Igwe, Carol Wakelin, Anthony Banfield, Tony Longstaff, Gary Burrows and James Beers.

Shopping Centre Course in Westfield Stratford


The course was held within the impressive Westfield Stratford enabling delegates to immediately understand current thinking in the practical context of one of the UKs largest shopping centres. We would especially like to thank David Collins, Senior Facilities manager, for his advice and guidance over the three days.

Networking Dinner

And as ever a highlight of the course is the networking dinner held on the evening of the first day. Here, all the experts and delegates come together to discuss shopping centre investment strategy in a more informal setting. Footie fans among them were able to support their team at Café Football A big thank you to Gary Neville and Phil Neville for a great venue, fantastic service and not least providing the basis for plenty of discussion on branded F&B space!

Course Alumni

shopping centre course alumniThe course continues to attract delegates and experts from around the world, with many of our experts travelling in especially to join us. The unique mix of deep knowledge, not only challenged and hotly debated, but tested using practical leasing exercises and real financial models makes this a course with real world value.

And our growing list of delegates and experts continue to keep in touch well after the course sharing their knowledge from around the world.

Join us for our next Shopping Centre Courses in the UK, EMEA and Africa. We look forward to welcoming you as part of this very special club, meeting the challenges of this brave and rapidly changing, international retail landscape.